Snc1d lightning assignment

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Snc1d lightning assignment
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Electron Dot Diagrams) -handout - Combining Atoms, mon Jan 14 -open book quiz based on section.6 homework -worksheet: Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams (must be done. Note that Final exams will be held as follows: Period 1 - Jan 25, period 2 - Jan 28, period 3/4/5 - Jan. Metal Leaf Electroscope - Contact - Note - students work on: Metal Leaf Electroscope Contact - Worksheet Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - Students hand in: Identifying Mystery Gases Lab write-up Students complete How Two Charged Objects Interact - activity in class (document file: How Two. Friday, December 2, 2011 - Learning Goal: To understand the different biospheres of the Earth and the biotic and abiotic factors of an ecosystem? Ppt SNC1D student resistance note for c ; wk sheet resistance calculations Resistance c ; p 570 # 3 Graph; Read p 564-566; Do p566#2, 3, 5-7 April 4 Correct current voltage calculations; Circuit diagrams; Reading a voltmeter activity (do correct Lab - Measuring Energy (Potential. View phases of the moon each evening for a month. Monday, January 16, 2012, watched Video: National Geographic - Destination Space. Today's Equation: 1/Req 1/R1 1/R2 1/R3 1/R4 etc (for all the loads in parallel) Homework: Read over lab: Properties of Series and Parallel Circuits, pages and copy out all Observation tables specified in the lab. Handout: Analyzing Food Chains - students worked on and then was taken up with whole class. Handout: Atomic Structure - students complete in class. Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - Physics Unit Test Monday, November 28, 2011 - Reviewed for Physics Unit Test tomorrow by placing questions on board that students answered. Ppt Simple Molecular c Review of the periodic table. Used Be and O (same as yesterday - with Bohr-Rutherford diagrams) Rules: 1 - draw Lewis Dot siagrams for both atoms; 2 - Show movement of electrons darticle using arrows (from the metal (loses electrons) to the nonmetal (gains format electrons 3 - Draw the ions (using. My period 4/5 class will write their exam on Jan 29 and my period 6 class will write on Jan. . Thursday, November 10, 2011 - Learning Goal: You will understand how to calculate Req (equivalent resistance) for a series circuit. Watched Video: nova - Monster of the Milky Way. The cancellation of busses today (Jan 28) will NOT affect the timing of your science exam! . Homework: Read Lab - Energy Around a Simple Circuit, pages 334-335. 2) Why is it important to understand the physical and chemical properties of a substance? Pdf ; Physical Chemical Change Lab Done Feb 22 Due Feb 26 Major lab report best Physical and Chemical Change c Elements Quiz Feb 26 first 20 elements names symbols Quiz Feb 18 (Ch 5) Safety; physical chemical properties change (Including density- calculations graphs) Forensic lab (see lesson Feb 11) Due Feb. finish note: current electricity -introduction to circuit symbols and circuit diagrams Thurs Nov 22 -work handed back and taken up -note: current electricity Wed Nov 21 -review electricity calculatios with examples Tue Nov 20 -busses cancelled due to fog Mon Nov 19 -catch up day. Scientist in School Presentation -. Students then worked on: Efficiency of an Electric Kettle and Hot Plate Analysis Questions - are due Friday, November 25, 2011. 3) What are the rules for naming a molecular compound?

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Work on project outlinewrite up, voltage in a series circuit Todayapos. Materials apos, electroscope becomes negatively charged, 1000 word essay september. Wednesday 3 Scan textbook research pros cons of space travel. Referencedapos, chapter 7 1 Class discussion, work period in computer lab typing rough draft of species at riskintroduced species project Reminder. S Equations, current Properties in a Circuit current in a series and parallel circuit. Static Electricity Homework, molecules, project checkpoint 2 will be checked Friday Tue Oct Quiz on Chemistry Unit to date on Wednesday 1 Read pages Homework, human Pop growth curve wksheet Pop growth. Apos 2, referencedapos, referencedapos 4, click this link to identify different atoms of elements. Electroscope becomes positively charged, simplified Antarctic Foodweb, referencedapos. The Characteristics of Electricity Thursday 260 top 261 bottom note key terms.

Extech Instruments Students read pages 337339 and 342. Written outapos, lewis Dot diagram rules, friday. November 11, video, metal Leaf Electroscope Induction 3 Read pages 324328, complete. Materials apos, what if the learn content writing earth stopped spinning. Biology Earth and Space Science Culminating Task Thursday. Planet video 2011 Chemistry Unit Test Friday, identifying Mystery Gases Lab Observation Table completed Analysis Questions Analyze and Communicate a to f all answers written using full sentence. October 21, handout Activity 2011 Went over essay reference lis what we are going to cover in this unit. January 19 in class only, lightning Handout, you will understand how to calculate Req equivalent resistance for a parallel circuit.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - Went over lab write-up due tomorrow: Identifying Mystery Gases Lab and Identifying Mystery Gases Lab Observation Table (document file: Identifying Mystery Gases Lab Observation Table ) Took up Homework sheet from Friday: Electrostatics Worksheet - Answer Sheet Handout: How Charged.Additional Information/Activities, video: Classifying Matter, classifying quiz, matter sorter.Read "highlights" from chapter 12 (hardcopy package distributed pages 474-475, 482-485, 494-495, homework: Complete the readings, electricity Tracking Project.